DIY Basalt Bench – or Sofa?

DIY Basalt Sofa Front

Basalt Sofa Side small _MG_2355

Last year, when I was roaming the Dutch Horticultural Fair Floriade, I found this DIY Basalt Bench. Or is it a DIY Basalt Sofa?

DIY “Sit” Chair

A fun idea to liven up your old simple wooden chair. You’ll need 2 paint colors and a wooden plate to cut a letter from. Follow the link for photo and written instructions (if you can read Russian).


Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Pressed chair is a pressed aluminium chair by Harry Thaler that comes flat and can be bent into a super-light stackable chair.

The end result is light enough to be lifted with only two fingers, but extremely strong and durable even without any external structural support. Thaler’s creation is indeed a chair that pushes the limits of minimization and material!



DIY: The Four Hour Chair

Swedish student Dag Elfgren has created a builder’s manual for all those who want to make their own chair from scratch. The manual is available for free download at his blog.

The Four Hour Chair is designed to be inexpensive and easy to build. Anyone who attended at least one class of woodshop can build the chair in around 4 hours, spending less than $25 on material.

Lace your own Crate Hammock together

DIY Hammock - Paracord-Laced-Pallet-Hanging-Chair

Just strip a pallet, apply some para cord and there you hang. Look at Tools and Materials to see how to create this DIY Crate Hammock.