Ahrend, Friso Kramer and Ineke Hans

Ahrend 380 by Ineke Hans blue

Royal Ahrend

is a Dutch (office) furniture manufacturer for over 100 years.

In the fifties they became famous with Friso Kramer‘s Revolt Chair and now Ineke Hans designed a sequel, the 380 Chair.

Stamp of the Revolt Chair by Friso Kramer

Long on my back burner, this Dutch stamp of the famous Revolt Chair by Friso Kramer.

I Revolt Chair 1 by Dutch designer Jennifer Tee

I Revolt Chair I by Jennifer Tee

The I Revolt Chair I by Dutch designer Jennifer Tee which is a parody on the famous revolt chair by Dutch designer Friso Kramer.

Estimate € 2,000 – 3,000 ($2,722 – 4,082)
Sale 2836, two in one. contemporary art from witte de with & de appel 20 May 2009 Amsterdam

AT Christie’s


Price Realized € 4,000 ($5,456)

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