White Beugelstoel by Gerrit Rietveld



Beugelstoel (1927) – Gerrit Rietveld

RnB Classic – Rietveld Red and Blue Redesigned by D-W-A

RnB-Classic Blank

RnB-Classic white

RnB Classic – Rietveld Red and Blue Redesigned by D-W-A

The reDesign project is based on a 12” vinyl single release and is realized at a scale of 1:3 so as to keep the pieces around 12″. The Red and Blue chair has been interpreted according to various musical genres including pop, classical, chill-out and dub.

D-W-A took the early Red and Blue, not painted yet, or painted in one color like white, and made a scale model according to the original and dubbed it “Classic”

About D-W-A | working with music

D-W-A is a collective of music-obsessed designers that draws its inspiration from the music industry where sampling, remixing, covers and collaborations are commonplace. The designers remain anonymous to keep their 9-5 careers separate

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Hopmi Chair by Rietveld Discovered in 2008

Hopmi Chair by Rietveld

Hopmi Chair by Gerrit Rietveld

In 2008 this chair was donated as lose parts in a bag to the Centraal Museum of Utrecht, a Dutch museum with a large collection of Rietveld furniture. Although the design was known. It was believed this chair was never produced. Well until it was donated to the museum: It appeared a small Dutch manufacturer by the name of Hopmi had produced some pieces. Originally Hopmi produced locks for bikes, but in the prewar 30ies it ventured into furniture because of the economic depression. The chair can be taken apart and stored as a flatpack. Ikea avant la lettre.

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Just to demonstrate how wonderfully small the world has become with Internet:

I searched a bit on Hopmi and it turned out that the factory made other parts for bikes as well. I found this shield:
Hopmi Shield in China Bicycle Museum

Found on a Dutch Blog reporting about a visit of the China Bicycle Museum in Beijing….

Via Chinablog.nl

Blue Utrecht Settee by Rietveld – 2012 IMM Cologne (09)


I had seen the Utrecht Chair and the curved threesome, but not the twosome version of the Utrecht chair yet. Here it was at the 2012 IMM Cologne booth of Cassina.