Grant Sonnex’s Fine and Sustainable Furniture

Grant Sonnex's Hand-made Furniture

I’ve been, and still is a big fan of hand-crafted furniture. I came across this stunning hand-crafted chair made by Grant Sonnex, a former wildlife radio producer with the BBC Natural History Unit. Although I don’t know whether this chair has a name, it’s balanced form, warmth color, rustic texture, and wonderful craftsmanship was stuck in my head almost immediately as soon as I saw it. I see a spirit of great respect towards nature, do you see that too?

After an award-winning BBC career producing and presenting natural history radio, Grant Sonnex gave it all up to train with the renowned furniture designer maker, David Savage, and establish his own fine furniture workshop on the edge of the Cotswold hills.

Grant Sonnex aims to make his furniture from sustainably sourced timber that positively promotes woodland and forest conservation so that the furniture and the forests will be there for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Via Contemporary Fine Furniture