Reindeer Foyer Chair by Baita Design

A simple multi functional chair idea. The Reindeer foyer chair by Brazilian Studio Baita Design, part hat and coat hanger and part chair.

via Designer Homes.

Ice Chair by Baita Design

Polley found Brazilian Design studio Baíta Design, run by Helena Bueno and Heinz Müller and based in Sao Paolo.

Helena has entered their portfolio at the Behancé Network where I found this minimalistic acrylic with stainless steel Ice Chair.

Slide Aluminum Sofa by Baíta Design

Sliding in Motion

Soaring prices of urban apartments have forced the citizens to choose small residence and make a full use of the limited space. Addressing that issue, the Brazilian Design Studio Baíta Design has come up with the Slide Aluminum Sofa. It features five profiles finished in anodized aluminum, which could be fit together to form a sofa. Also due to the slide design, the sofa could easily split into profiles, ensuring an easy transportation and storage.

Slide Aluminum Sofa in blue
Slide Aluminum Sofa in purple
Aluminum Joint

Via I New Idea

Foldable Extendable Chair

Foldable Extension Chair
Sometimes looks at me and sometimes features finds. Although I’m not able to read Chinese here a photo from him / her.
I believe it is a Baita Design

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