Frankie Arm Chair by Jordan Mozer

Frankie Arm Chair by Jordan Mozer

For his collaboration with Chef Michael Cordua on the Américas restaurant in River Oaks, Houston, Jordan Mozer wove together myriad influences to create a space reflective of the Pan-American flavors on the menu. To prepare for the project, Mozer and Cordúa read the magical realism works of preeminent Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez. Inside the 300 seat restaurant, the furnishings told the story—room dividers crafted from felt used for cowboy hats separated the nine terraced dining areas, outfitted with coffee-colored leather seating. Above, chandeliers of hand-blown glass swathed in colored wool hung like giant rainforest blooms and bronze Pitcher Plant lamps lined the walls. Borrowing from urban street culture and pre-Columbian art, Mozer crafted an exhilarating space where Texan cowboys walked with ancient creatures, with every shape and material expressing a sense of vibrant movement. The designs offered here all come from the celebrated restaurant and capture Mozer’s singular creative vision.

via Wright

Hugging settee by Jordan Mozer

Hugging settee from Américas, River Oaks, Houston by Jordan Mozer. Estimate: $5,000–7,000 at Wright.

Update: result: $5,625