Mine Chairs by Mati Karmin

Relax Mine Chair by Mati KarminRelax Chair

The Cow Lounger Mine Chair by Mati KarminThe Cow Lounger

Royal Mine Chair by Mati KarminChair Royal

The Boss Mine Chair by Mati KarminThe Boss

I would not have imagined that a naval mine could inspire someone to create a chair from, but it did inspire Estonian artist Mati Karmin. Unusual? Yes! Uncomfortable? No! Not at least when you look at these photos. The Mine Chairs seem decently comfortable for seating, but the thought of sitting in an old – possibly Russian – sea mine may give you very uncomfortable shivers. There seem thousands of mines left over by the Russians from the cold war and fro WW 1 and WW2 on an island 10 miles from the Estonian coast and this is one way of getting rid of them: Rejuvenate them!

Via Marinemine.