Thougtwood Chair by Rob Davies

Thougtwood Chair by Rob Davies 3
Thougtwood Chair by Rob Davies 2
Thougtwood Chair by Rob Davies
Rob Davies, based in Devon, U.K., has created the Thoughtwood furniture label.

The thoughtwood chair was designed and made as an experimental piece for the thoughtwood brand. Its design was primarily conceived having previously explored forms created using the simple repetition and binding of just one shape. Further exploration into the effects of complicating the original shape in addition to the variation in surface and pattern brought about the finished prototype.

Due to its diversity in any client specification, ease of reproduction and durability, the thoughtwood chair is able to find a comfortable home in countless environments from dining rooms to public gardens.

This piece was commissioned and sold for £545.00 (each).

About Rob Davies

Born in 1986, Rob Davies – thoughtwood’s head designer maker – graduated from the University of Portsmouth having obtained an honours degree in three-dimensional design. Here he was taught and practiced the fundamentals in art and design. The study of form amid function, scale, mood and environmental relationships became most important to him.

After graduating, Rob enrolled at David Savage’s world-renowned school of fine furniture making. Here he was intensely trained in traditional furniture making techniques and the use of its appropriate tooling. Working primarily with wood, Rob learnt the skills required to materialize his unique design thought in accordance with the individuality of a clients need.

With everything considered necessary to begin, thoughtwood was created in 2009.