Compression Marble Sofa by Paul Cocksedge

Compression Sofa by Paul Cocksedge is what you get when you compress a block of foam and then recreate it in marble.

Sit Still by Eline Brouwers

Sit still by Eline Brouwers

At first glance you do not realize that it’s meant to sit on this chair. It creates the illusion to fall apart. I started with the frame, from there I started to design. In the end I chose to use old paintings in order not to make the essence of the frame disappear. This chair consists entirely of recycled materials.

Little Opium by Tal R:

Little Opium by Tal R

Little Opium by Tal R

Found it at Tim van Laere Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.

Tal R

(Tal Shlomo Rosenzweig)

Born 1967 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Art? Hm… Just because it is shown in an Art Gallery???

FDB Møbler

Just met the Dutch and Belgian agents of Danish chair manufacturer FDB Møbler at ShowUp.  Playing around with Instagram.

Strange interaction with Instagram, as the actual Instagram post doesn’t show frequently…Therefor I’ve added a photo of one of their chairs in the post.

Arts Threads – The Aeroformed Chair by Connor Holland

A long time ago I found,

a site claiming to be (or become) “The World’s Leading Network For New Creatives” linking Education & Industry.

ARTS THREAD is the leading digital platform for emerging artists and designers a launchpad for the next generation of creative talent representing 300,000 students in more than 100 countries from over 760 design schools.

ARTS THREAD bridges the gap between education and the creative industry. For the first time ever, design students, graduates, universities, schools and the creative industry can network worldwide.

There I found the Aeroformed Chair by Connor Holland

The Aeroformed Chair is a futuristic design that showcases the innovative manufacturing process I call ‘Aeroforming’. Air is injected between two welded metal sheets, which forces them apart as the pressure builds, resulting in inflated objects that resemble metal balloons.

Using compressed air for this purpose is cleaner and more precise compared to using water, known as the Hydroforming process. I first experimented with this at university, creating my steel ‘Lilo Bench’ that closely mimics an inflatable air mattress.

Inflating metal enables the creation of complex three-dimensional forms, which would be too expensive or time consuming to reproduce using conventional methods. The resulting objects are extremely strong for their weight and can support very heavy loads, even when the metal before inflation is only as thick as a 2p coin.

For this new design, I wanted to show that minimal inflation still provides considerable structural strength, while maintaining a sleek appearance without buckles or dents. By carefully limiting airflow into the piece, key structural areas inflate to the required thickness, but the back supports are left with an attractive taper that shows how thin the steel is before inflation.

Connor Holland is an independent product & furniture designer who graduated from Kingston in Hastings U.K.