Quote by Vincent van Gogh

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

Two paintings of Vincent van Gogh with chairs have been on our top hit list for a long time: the Van Gogh Chair and his Gaugin Style Chair.

Now I’ve found out there are more through this quote:

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process

Via Joost Geurtsen.

Stay tuned!

3 chairs in front of a Picasso by David Hockney


Chair and Tell by Marijke Boulogne

Chair and Tell

Chair and Tell

By Marijke Boulogne
I admit: I like to make up names and associate incompatibles. Decoding my association: The name of this painting that involves a lovely chair is: Charatel….which hints to the French word for Suspender…Hence my association: “Share and tell” or “Chair and Tell”.

Chair Shadow by Joe Penrod


Chair Shadow

Joe Penrod is a master in painting shadows with painters tape.
Via Best Of.

Andy Warhol Seated by Marisol Escobar



Marisol Escobar (B. 1930)

Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale