Van Gogh Sitting Postman

Van Gogh Sitting Postman

Van Gogh Sitting Postman

Found this painting by Vincent van Gogh on the Museum of Fine Arts Boston FB Timeline.

Postman Joseph Roulin” painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1888. Roulin was one of Van Gogh’s closest friends and favorite sitters. While painting this portrait, Van Gogh wrote to his brother, “I am now at work with another model…very like Socrates…A more interesting man than many people.”

Postman on a chair by Vincent van Gogh

Postman on a chair by Vi

Postman Joseph Roulin on a Chair

Found it on Wikipedia along with its entry on Vincent van Gogh.

It belongs to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

Two paintings of Vincent van Gogh with chairs have been on our top hit list for a long time: the Van Gogh Chair and his Gaugin Style Chair.

Now I’ve found out there are more through this quote:

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process

Via Joost Geurtsen.

Stay tuned!

Gaugin style Chair painting by Vincent Van Gogh

Gaugin Style Chair by Vincent van Gogh

In one of my early posts about chair paintings I featured the Van Gogh Chair. The image ranks number 1 in a search engines and creates some traffic here.

The Gaugin style chair by Van Gogh featured here is a result from the close collaboration both painters had during several years. Van Gogh wanted to demonstrate he was able to paint in the style of Gaugin.

It belongs to the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum.

Chair Paintings (1): Van Gogh Chair

Van Gogh Chair

Van Gogh Chair

I did a “chair paintings” search and found this Vincent Van Gogh chair from the National Gallery.