P4 Catalina Chair by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

P4 Catalina Chair by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

I took this photo September 24, 2011 in the Milan Triennale Design Museum

In 1957 the Catalina Chair, brought into the spotlight on the stage of the 11th Milan Tiennale, masterfully attested to the foundations of the design orientation of the figure known as “Caccia”, who was as reserved as he was intellectually appreciated for the way he went about his profession. The structure in cast iron, hot lacquered in Renault gray – the same gray as the first metallic cars – consists in three thin metal rods joined at the top by a ribbon made of the same material. The idea was to model an iron bar in a ribbon that after a few short centimeters would curve into a comfortable armrest. The oval seat in black polyester-lacquered wood in the original version of the chair is fitted with an expanded polyurethane cushion upholstered in Azucena leather or velvet fastened by the three upright rods.

Milan Triennale Design Museum – 04


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