Istanbul Street Bench: Sit on a Book for a change

Street Bench Istanbul

On a recent trip to Istanbul I discovered this street bench in book form. Here you can sit on a book and read a book.

8 thoughts on “Istanbul Street Bench: Sit on a Book for a change”

  1. can you please give me the locations of these benches because i am doing some research on them and could not find the address?


  2. thanks once again.
    will like i said before, i’m doing some research on these benches and i intend to go to istanbul to see them live.


  3. but do you know the name of the designer? i searched but couldn’t find a thing. and are these benches still available or have been removed ?
    any additional information will be more than appreciated.

    by the way i live in Germany so if you need any info regarding this spot of the world just ask.

  4. I’m sorry, I have no more information than I gave you. Don’t know if they are still there. Let me know if you see them around when you visit Istanbul.

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