Scott Morrison: The Master of the Rocking Chair

Rocker cum Craddle
Rocking Chair with Craddle

Luxist drew my eye to Scott Morrison, the master of the Rocking Chair.


Here I updated a 1700’s style Windsor Nanny Rocker using Sam Maloof’s Classic Rocking Chair design as a basis. I wanted to add interest by creating different shapes for the cradle’s base and its rail. That is, the rail follows the shape of the base (as seen from above) as well as having a shape of its own moving up and down (as seen from the front). A unique side-effect and challenge of this design would then be to create spindles that would connect the asymmetrical shapes of the base and the rail.

The spindles must therefore be duplicated in a uniform manner along the cradle base, while also being dynamically sized to accommodate the bi-directional flow of the rail.

2 thoughts on “Scott Morrison: The Master of the Rocking Chair”

  1. Beautiful rocker, but I must add that no one except Sam Maloof is the master of the rocker. (Ozzy might be another master of the rocker, but that is a different story!) The basic design that Scott mentions is Maloof,s genius. He made the simple classic windsor chair elegant and delicate and for lack of a better word, sexy. Sexy almost doesn;t do the chair justice, but how else do you describe the flowing curvy lines that a so soft looking you want to run your hand over them to confirm what your eyes are seeing. Sexy indeed
    No offence Scott, you have made a beautiful and elegant rocker and i really like the Nanny rocker idea. Sam wood have approved I;m sure – he always said that an order for one of his cradles always was the highest priority job in his shop because babies wait for nobody!

  2. @Woodnerd

    Your comment is haunting me, especially since I do agree with you and feel sorry I’ve nothing posted about Sam Maloof yet. The more pressing because I learned he died last year. But I’ve seen a Maloof chair being auctioned somewhere.

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