Abstract Lounge Landscape Project

Abstract Lounge Landscape Project was developed on the occasion of this year’s “HfG – Rundgang”. The landscape-like lounge furniture has two outstanding innovative features. Firstly, it is made of a novel multi layered composite material out of three dimensional polyester fabrics within glass fiber which is very strong and light at the same time. Specific surface properties, due to the novel compound material, its partly computer aided manufacturing and the mathematical approach lead to a unique object morphology synthesizing form, material and structure. Secondly, in addition to the innovative use compound materials, the specific surface geometry allows generating a whole ‘family’ of individual, differentiated objects with various possibilities to configure, all of them arising from a single ‘mother form’. The geometry of every generated surface offers many ways to sit on it and accommodates up to seven people. Lounge Landscape breaks with the common zoning and functions of conventional seating furniture as the usage of the surfaces is not fully defined, inviting the user to sit, rest, lean or linger on it as well as to interact with others. Social micro structures emerge from Lounge Landscape as everyone has individual and collective experiences while using it.
Team: Nicola Burggraf,Susanne Hoffmann, Steffen Reichert, Nico Reinhardt,Yanbo Xu.
Project Coordination: Prof. Achim Menges, HfG Offenbach am Main.

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