Standard Rocking Chair – or “The Rabbit” – by &Larry (AndLarry)

Standard Rocking Chair by &Larry

This unusual rocking chair “Standard Rocking Chair” was designed by &larry in cooperation with The Asylum and shown at Singapore Design Festival 2007.

&larry is a graphic and advertising designer from Singapore.
Objects is a long term project where he is using common Singaporean materials to march backwards into the future (borrowed from marshall mcluhan).

&Larry about the Standard Rocking Chair:

Inspired by Jean ProuvĂ©’s Standard Chair, our assignment was transformed into a rocking chair. Totally hand-made in the studio, this chair has been nicknamed “The Rabbit” by visitors for its long handles that can be grabbed by the sitter to balance the rocking motion.

It was a satisfying project and it whetted our appetites to create more items that would eventually become part of our Objects collection.

Via designboom

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