Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Herman Miller Highly Adjustable Aeron If you’ve ever sat in an Aeron chair, you know what butter feels like in a tub. The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller combines distinctive appearance with exclusive ergonomic features, including an extended warranty. Traditional fabric on foam is replaced with the patented Pellicle mesh material. Very comfortable to sit in all day. You can adjust almost everything on this chair: height, tilt, arms, lean back/forward, etc.Haven’t found a flaw yet. I sit in this chair 9 hrs a day, 5 days a week and never had a pain in my body. Over the years, I’ve sat in many different chairs – ranging from regular metal chairs you at dining tables to higher end types like the Aeron – this is the best chair to get. You will never have aches or pains because of a chair again only enjoyment and getting more work done. You guys at must put this chairs in your portal in the office chairs section because i’ve checked out your website is the best and its a must that you have the best.

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