Composite by El Ultimo Grito

El Ultimo Grito has deconstructed the sofa and reconfigured its essential elements to create an abstract bench system called “Composite”. The dismembered cushions of the old sofa are arranged on a low, white table, and their boulder-like shapes are reinforced by metal frames. “It resembles a kind of japanese garden, where the rocks are substituted by structural cushions,” says Roberto Feo, co-founder of the London-based Spanish design duo. “By working with the idea of using a sofa in different parts, we ended up with a table for a base and cushions which are positioned in a way that opens up surfaces for other use, like placing books or everyday objects.” “Composite” is the first item from a collection El Ultimo Grito is developing for Spanish furniture company Sofactual. “We wanted to build up a new line to open up the market to more conceptual design,” says Feo. These images are prototypes of Composite; the final piece will be launched at the Milan Furniture Fair.


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