Chair Blog | Tumblr

Chair Blog | Tumblr

My Chair Blog | Tumblr front page as at March 13, 2008.

About Tumblr, First Impressions

Recently I noticed Tumblr.

Its a a service to set up a Mini Blog. Its site doesn’t divulge much. It has a Blog, but that is updated scantily. For one reason or another I got curious plunged into it, started with an account and found out that it is really 1 2 3… and you have a mini blog up and running. It provides information about how to host it on your own hosting service. It has a couple of disadvantages: No archive that you can easily organize or navigate and no possibility to comment.

Prior to Tumblr

I am a slow 2 finger typist and have far more ideas and pieces of information that I like to share with my readers than I can find time for to write, or cut and paste, neatly in a well organized entry here on Chair Blog.

Getting enthusiastic about Tumblr

I believe any post on a Blog should go together with at least one photo or picture as they say much more than words.

I found out that you can make a widget of a mini Tumblr Blog with photos.

Frequently there are chairs shown at fairs or exhibitions among other furniture or art. I want to pick them up. Chairs are auctioned among other items: I want to pick them up.

The quick and easy way of Tumblr got me hooked. Over a very short period of time I was able to collect photos and links of over 300 chairs.

More about Tumblr

Before I dug into it I missed it, but Tumblr has its own Wiki Tumble Log If you read that and the posts they refer to you get a reasonable idea of what it is about.

Gina Trapani at Lifhacker had a nice entry about it. If you look up Tumblr on Mashable you get some more background information. I for instance learned that only in November 2007 they came around with the present version 3 that works as it does now.
Last, but not least this Read Write Web Interview with Tumbler founder David Carp gives some additional information.


  1. For Chair Blog I can now rapidly create overviews of chairs exhibited at fairs, exhibitions and to be auctioned. From time to time I then can summarize various developments here in the Blog. If you are as curious as me, take a RSS subscription for Chair Blog | Tumblr
  2. I see it as a temporary solution, because when you cut and paste stuff from elsewhere on the web, it can disappear. For instance when you refer to newspaper or auction sites there is the risk that they move their content around or hide it behind a subscription bar so that your links get lost. In order to keep your content intact it is always better to have a self hosted blog and to keep a copy on your own hard drive (with a backup off course)
  3. I am more Happy now that I am a bit more organized
  4. What do you think?

Update October 20, 2009:
After a couple of months Tumblring I decided it better to have all my finds here in the blog with proper navigation. I then started using a WP plugin Quickpost to quickly post. Thereafter I discovered Clipmarks…even better. So I’m now slowly but gradually folding Chair Blog | Tumblr back into this blog.

2 thoughts on “Chair Blog | Tumblr”

  1. My Darling, Thank you for placing photos of 2 of my chairs in your tumblr. I can’t believe you do all this work and you are a 2 finger typist. I, too, am part of that crowd, which is 1 reason I am not much in the blog world. I also prefer to be in the studio creating my art work, as that is my calling. That is why I am on this planet. I wanted to turn your attention to an incredible Italian chair artist. His name is Martino Gamper and he will provide you with endless visuals. One of his projects was to make 100 chairs in 100 days. He’s an animal of creativity! He’s even deconstructed icons, which makes me really happy as I, too, am an iconoclast. Happy Chairs to you!!

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