100 Chairs in 100 Days in London

London-based designer Martino Gamper has finally completed his 100 chairs in 100 days project, which is on show in a South Kensington mansion house until 15 October. Gamper took 100 days over the last year to make a series of hybrid creations fusing different parts of found chairs. Far from being presented as untouchable museum pieces, the chairs were being used by visitors on the opening night last week. Initially people were cautiously perching on the exhibits, but by the end of the evening they were victim to a game of musical chairs. Instead of auctioning the chairs off as originally planned, Gamper presented visitors with slips so that they could put in an offer or propose an item in exchange. The most bizarre offer received so far is a pair of boots from a North Pole expedition. Icon interviewed Gamper when he was 75 chairs in to the project. Read the interview here icon 045 | March 2007 5 Cromwell Place London, SW7 Open from 12 pm – 6 pm daily


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