Ball Point stool by Philippe Malouin

Ball Point stool by Philippe Malouin

Whilst sitting on a caster chair, I rolled over a patch of dust, and my tracks were marked. I thought of how interesting it would be to track a user’s behavior with a piece of furniture. Would a caster-mounted stool stay in its place of use or would it be playfully used to travel around one’s apartment. Writing and drawing are two acts that allow such creativity; the act of sitting on the other hand does not often lead to extraordinary inventive achievements. Perhaps the feat of sitting could lead to playfulness, inventiveness, and therefore redefine itself. I experimented with countless combinations of ink mixes and caster systems. I discovered that ball transfers would make a perfect ballpoint, capable of supporting the weight of a human whilst distributing ink as a pen would. The final product is a transparent stool informing its user of its contents (ink) and its new functions: tracking, writing and drawing, all in motion.


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