Martino Gamper: 100 chairs in 100 days in 100 ways, part 1: Walking Chair

Martino Gamper at the Walking Chair Gallery
Martino Gamper at the Walking Chair Gallery in 2006

My first encounter with Martino Gamper was through the announcement of the opening of the Walking Char Gallery in Vienna in september 2006.

Walking Chair Gallery in Vienna: Entrance
Walking Chair Gallery in Vienna: Entrance

About Walking Chair

Walking Chair Motto

Walking Chair is a design Studio with a Gallery and a web shop, Walking Things. Their studio is located in what used to be a classic high ceiling Viennese café, which later was converted into a motor garage. Meeting six years ago while working as freelance designers for the Lomographic Society on a new type of handset, the Swiss born, Basel trained, typeface, typographic, filmmaker and communication designer Fidel Peugeot joined forces with the Italian, Vienna trained, mechanical engineer turned product designer Karl Emilio Pircher.

Walking Chair Designs:
I found two chair related designs by Walking Chair:

Walking Chair Monte Bello Sofa
Their Monte Bello Sofa


Banja Luka Chair
Their Banja Luka Chair

They featured Martino Camper’s 100 chairs project from September 28, 2006 – December 24, 2006 in their Walking Chair Gallery.

I was in Vienna in that period, but alas missed this opportunity lacking time and knowledge (I hadn’t started this Blog yet).

See my next posts.

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