Texas Chair Project

The Texas Chair Project is the first of 3 phases of a project that will ultimately benefit the arts and the environment, two chairished chairities. picture of all 100 chairs The idea behind The Chair Project stems from a long tradition of artists trading with artists. Artist Damian Priour has created 100 chairs made from his signature combination of glass and limestone. The stone is 100 million years old, some have fossils embedded in them and others are carved. These chairs will go to about 100 artists who will be asked to, in return, create a chair of their own making. The only limitation is that their chair must fit into the same 8x8x8 inch box that the Priour chair comes in. That does not mean that it must confine itself to that size when the box is opened, however. Artists are encouraged to use the materials for which they are known but the only thing required is creativity.

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