Project Vitra Book

The Project Vitra book features many many chairs and gives insight to a significant part of the history of chair design and the interaction between architecture and chair design.

project vitra editors: cornel windlin and rolf fehlbaum
publisher: birkhäuser year: 2008
size: 396 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7643-8593-4  Springer and Vitra
designboom rating: project vitra is based on the conviction that everyday life holds great potential for inspiration and aesthetic enjoyment, and that design can discover and develop this potential. content after 50 years, vitra has arguably become of the most well known furniture manufacturers in the world. the company began in 1957 by producing furniture by ray and charles eames and george nelson in a small town outside of basel, switzerland. over time, the company has become much more than just a manufacturer, as this book demonstrates. ‘project vitra’ captures the company’s 50 year history, while also looking into the future and the next 50 years. as such, the book serves as an archive, an examination and a preview. through images, texts and drawings, ‘project vitra’ explores the various individual elements that have played a role along the way. each element is given its own chapter: sites, products, authors, museum, collections, signs, chronology and glossary.

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