Barstool by PearsonLloyd

British design studio PearsonLloyd are presenting new work with Bernhardt, Martinez Otero and Walter Knoll at this years Salone. The new bar stool project for Walter Knoll is made from a single moulding incorporating a foot rest, seat pan frame and features a unique gas lift actuation mechanism. There are no visible fixings yet the chair is possible to take a part for repair and recycle if needed. Concept The stool has been designed with the upholstery in mind so that it can be replaced and repaired with all parts being disassembled ultimately for recycling. There are no visible fixings on the product and the main assembly is push fit making it efficient to assemble and easy to build. It’s unique, in that it’s Walter Knolls’ first, fully integrated plastic product but still draws on the heritage of high upholstery with an innovative design to the seat pan and seat cover.

via Core77

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