Turn your Couch

TurnOn Multi Functional Spinning Wall makes you move in circles Deepa | 5 hr. ago spinning wall_1_ This one has got my eyeballs rolling topsy-turvy! For years, architects, interior designers have been coming up with out-of-this-world inventions to cater to the boundless desires and demands of consumers. But living in house with spinning walls instead of fixed walls is already making me feel giddy! It is based on a similar principle that is used in hamster wheels (which is used for pet hamsters). So you can consider yourself living as a rodent! Not really. The Multi Functional Spinning Wall is actually an arrangement that consists of several revolving modules linked together. And as the positioning of the module changes, the function also alters accordingly. Each module’s interior would be outfitted for a specific room or function, such as a kitchen, bedroom, or exercise room. The wheel literally turns, and as the positioning of the module changes, so does its function. For instance, while cooking, the couch becomes the ceiling, the dining table a wall. But, when your baby is sleeping on the couch, how can you prepare meals or even a cuppa coffee? The Wet Cell is the module that would house the bathroom, including the toilet, shower, and bath. And what if you want to use it as a loo and your partner wants to take a shower? Toss a coin? OMG, my imagination is getting caught in these vicious circular motions. Roll over for a small video clipping.

via Born Rich

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