Chopper Chairs

Chopper fans can now take their chopper fetish to new heights with these Chopper Chairs. These motorcycle inspired chairs are an upshot of the brainchild of industrial designer Gene Gordon, who has worked with big guns such as Herman Miller and Don Chadwick. Pictured above chopper chair is appropriately called the GothRod and comes with springer suspension, just like the old cruiser motorcycles, on all it’s four legs and even takes the chopper bit further by using the springer suspension for it’s backrest too. And like all good things that are handmade, the Chopper Chairs tout hand machined billet parts with hand stitched leather and hand pin striping too. To make it ultra exclusive, only 50 pieces of the GothRod have been put into production and numbered individually. Pricing for these appealing buttwarmers starts at $13,000. via Forbes (via Gene Gordon’s Chopper Chairs Are A Visual Delight! – Born Rich)

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