Apryl Miller Stool and Armchair

Apryl Miller her good self

Blogging is not only about finding great people and great stuff: Sometimes great people find you through your Blog, like Apryl Miller. She is an artist living and working in New York City. She loves chairs and occasionally refits chairs. As the weather is finally so kind as to admit Spring has arrived here in The Hague and Apryl’s stools and chairs are very colorful, I deemed it fit to publish about her today.

Apryl Miller Stool
Apryl Miller Stool
Apryl Miller Armchair

5 thoughts on “Apryl Miller Stool and Armchair”

  1. Dear Guido-You’re such a busy man, I see you’ve now got Flicker images going. Thank you for that. What is it about chairs and why do we love them so? Do you own a lot of them? Are you a collector of chairs? Since you’re so ambitious I thought I would send you the url for my old site, it’s html, so images can be lifted easier. http://www.aprylmillerstudios.com/home.html
    Long live chairs, Honey!

  2. Hi Hon,

    This is helpful indeed. No, I am just fascinated by the chair and the myriad ways designers play with the chair.
    The Flickr account I have set up to raise the profile of the various things I am involved in. Pff some 10.000 photo’s to relabel and to upload. Slowly but gradually …..

  3. Dear Guido-I have names of some other artists whose work also includes chairs. Mary Heilman is a painter and she was included in The Whitney Biennial this year. I don’t have an url for you, but her chairs are made of plywood, with wheels attached and webbing for seating. Another artist with chairs and seating in his ouvre is Franz West. He does installations with couches and chairs he has made and they’re highly colorful and decorated. Life to chairs-Apryl

  4. Also My Darling, I have a question. Is it possible to lift photos from Flickr? There are some incredible images taken of my home that I would like to use to replace those on my website. Let me know.

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