White ch.air by Laisr

ch.air by laisr
ch.air by Laisr is an elegant carbon composite light weight Chair. It has a well chosen name ch.air for light Ch (=Swiss) design.

Laisr is a furniture brand created and owned by Torgny Fjeldskaar and Javier Alberich. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland. We do high-tech furniture designed and hand-made to stand the test of time.

Our current products are designed by Torgny Fjeldskaar, whose daytime job is to design high-end bicycles for Cannondale, a company famous for its innovative use of high-tech materials.

Javier Alberich is the creative director.

ch.air, Laisr’s first project, is a full carbon fiber chair made utilizing an innovative manufacturing process borrowed from the bicycle industry. The six hollow molded carbon fiber elements are interconnected by compression molded carbon fiber lugs in high-stress areas. This technique not only makes for a highly optimized structure and extremely light weight, it also offers manufacturing flexibility and a distinctive appearance. Visually, the goal was to create a logical, simple and well-proportioned design; we wanted the looks to be as lasting as the material is durable. ch.air is available in black (carbon fiber with glossy clear coat) or in stormtrooper white with black lugs.

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