Sculpt Chair by Gregg Fleischman

Sculpt Chair by Greg Fleischman

Here we are in LA at the Hotel Figueroa…
Chair by Gregg Fleishman If there was a standout exhibit, I would have to say that it was Gregg Fleishman’s amazing Cube. I had never seen any pieces by Fleishman before, so this was the first time I had heard of his work. You definitely need to check out his website to see the fantastic and amazing structures he creates: Gregg Fleischmann

Via Dwell on Design Part I : Design Milk

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One thought on “Sculpt Chair by Gregg Fleischman”

  1. Gregg’s chairs are novel, playful and attractive. That said material waste on his chairs I would guess to be 30-40%. In addition extreme post bending subjects the material to stress checking and cracking and that is not taking into consideration sun light, temperature and humidity changes.

    I have seen the stress checking, in 1993, on a chair sold to Robin Williams.
    His box works though they look sophisticated are quite conventional in the use of material and amateurish in appearance. Variations on this work have been in Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and Sunset Magazine going back over 50 years.

    Guido knows of my work and can show photos of my work any time he chooses.

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