My beautiful backside by Doshi Levien (2)

My beautiful backside by Doshi Levien

My beautiful backside by Doshi Levien (2)

Doshi Levien is a London based design office, established in 2000 by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Doshi Levien’s work celebrates the hybrid and explores the coming together of cultures, technology, story telling, industrial design and fine craftsmanship. Nipa’s refined and astute visual direction is combined with Jonathan’s precision and tenacity as an industrial designer. Doshi Levien work across disciplines and industries, they make their own rules that are based on extracting as much richness as possible out of an idea. The studio gives expert advice to global brands on cultural and social insights, leading to design opportunities. Doshi Levien work for a broad range of clients including Intel, Swarovski, Nokia, Authentics, Moroso and Cappellini. Doshi Levien has been the focus of on-going and intense interest in the media, generating significant editorial value for their clients.

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