Stool Crate Wood by Simon Ancher

SCW (Stool, Crate, Wood) is a collaborative project between Simon Ancher Design and Bruce Nye from the Australian School of Fine Furniture UTAS. SCW is a hand-made plywood seating shell that melts over the top of a milk crate. It adds comfort and style to a universal seating solution, dressed up or dressed down SCW is a simple design that effectively combines a new environmentally sustainable plywood shell with a ubiquitous item, the milk crate. Simon Ancher Design develops innovative furniture, interior and public art solutions with an honest and functional aesthetic.

Via State of Design

One thought on “Stool Crate Wood by Simon Ancher”

  1. I don’t know… I’ve spent a lot of my adult life decorating with milk crates, but I’m not convinced they make good chairs, even with a plywood cover. They’re still the wrong height…

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