young design award adam’o eva : francesca perani enterprise

A very unusual but poetic Grave Bench:
Grave Bench 2

Actually it is not designed as a bench, but as tombstone, a grave monument. However, the design looks a lot like a bench and I like to copy it as an outdoor bench.

The grave. Sacred art or design? A unique piece of artwork was given special international recognition by honorary mention in the Adam’o Eva Creations International design price 2008 for young designers. The monument (a grave) stands out for being at the same time linear, sharp and sculptural. The aim is to interpret such a delicate design bringing the viewer’s attention to the dematerialization of the present style of monuments which frequently appear as platforms weighing down ascending bodies. Hence her desire to create elements that are no longer oppressive but ethereal, hinting at a possible future resurrection. Vertical sects of Sarnico stone rise as linear blades from the ground to create a sharply tridimensional structure. All this is softened by the spherical indentation that cuts its shape. A connection is thus created with the the deceased’s wife’s gravestone (represented by a large marble sphere), which, although not placed nearby, is willingly and strongly remembered. The work was produced by Paganessi Marmi, Vertova, Bergamo, Italy

young design award adam’o eva : francesca perani enterprise

5 thoughts on “young design award adam’o eva : francesca perani enterprise”

  1. ciao guido,
    first of all thanks for showing my work on your blog, i feel very flattered you found the grave also a possible solution for a bench. Your blog is an endless world of design inspiration. Glad you are doing some helpful research on chair design!)

    1. @Pete: The Funny thing is Francesca told me later she hadn’t thought of a chair or bench when she designed it. My post gave her the idea. Now I’m curious what, if any, seating memorials you have designed…

  2. Hi Guido, there are many of my memorials that have purpose designed seating and others where the edges are used. Some of the spaces are also to lie in, recline and in a sense be body quiet. The use of space upon the memorial essentially is to engage with the physical interaction/experience. Rather than a static approach of object and observation.
    My practice is in Queensland Australia with often conference speaking gigs worldwide. I’ll see if I can post some images here.

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