Mama Kids Chair by Rasa Design

By Rasa Design of Lithuania.

About Rasa Design:

Professional education:
1985-1987 – Studied at Kaunas Applied Art School (textile and embroidering)
1988-1993 – Studied design at Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania (the Department of Applied Arts)
1993 – took the degree of Master of Arts

Professional experience:
1993-1995 – Designer in design studio FORMOS VIRSMAS
1995-2000 – Designer and art director in joint stock company LORO DIZAINAS
2000-to present – Free lance designer in furniture, interior and graphic design field. Writing articles about design and art. From 2004 design editor in the magazine NAUJAS NAMAS (NEW HOUSE).

Main works in field of graphic design, corporate identity, advertising, furniture design, interior details, etc. Active participation in local and international exhibitions.

Via Elit Alice

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