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  1. Got ripped off again
    Tendo Mokko, famous Japanese furniture factory that produces the classic Butterfly stool copied my chair.

    I’m new here. How do you post the images?

  2. Hi Po Shun Leon,

    Thank you for coming by.

    Tell us more about Tendo Mokko.

    Photos are uploaded or, like in this post which is an excerpt from a post on another blog they are linked to.

  3. Hi:
    Tendo Mokko organized a furniture competition the year.
    They are an old and distinguished Japanese furniture company.
    Contestants were invited to register on their web site.
    On their website I was surprised to see that they have been producing and selling a remarkably similar copy of a chair that I has designed in 1979 and won first prize in an American Furniture competition in 1983
    Enclosed are images of the two chairs for comparison.

    This is Tendo Mokko website:

    This is my website.

    It really difficult to make a living from designing furniture. Instead I make complex wood art.

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