Australian Chair Distributor: Youshiki

Kashiwado Chair
Youshiki is [Ed: was?] an Australian Chair distributor. It had an interesting website [Ed: Its website dissappeared] that gave some information about Japanese chair designers and chair manufacturers.

I was drawn to this site by the photo of the Kashiwado Chair by Isamu Kenmochi

One of the most significant figures in the emergence of Japanese industrial design after the Second World War, Isamu Kenmochi graduated in 1932 from the Tokyo College of Industrial Arts. Like many of the first generation of Japanese industrial designers he was also a member of the Industrial Arts Institute (IAI) where he worked in the Woodwork Technology Department. At the IAI he worked alongside design pioneers such as Jiro Kosugi and Mosuke Yoshitake and was influenced by European Modernist designers such as Bruno Taut. In 1952 he also became a founding member of the Japan Industrial Designers Association. In 1953, together with other leading designers of the post-Second World War years such as Masaru Katsumie, Yusaku Kamekura, Riki Watanabe, and Sori Yanagi, he was also involved in the formation of the International Design Committee.

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