2 thoughts on “Flag Halyard Chair c.1950 by Hans Wegner”

  1. This chair is a direct product of the experience, vision, and talent of a genius. It’s incredible to think that most of the pieces that make up the Wegner collection are made of wood, and this model meant a great break in that continuity. I bought a Flag Halyard Chair replica at Manhattan Home Design, and since I started using it, I realized why it’s one of the most recognized and famous pieces of his style. When you sit on it, you realize it could only have come from the mind of a very experienced designer, capable of generating an amazing and innovative seat with atypical materials.

  2. I agree! Hans Wegner’s way of modeling wooden chairs is totally admirable. These designs, being so beautiful and creative, have become iconic pieces. The flag halyard chair in particular has a certain captivating appearance which invites you to sit back and feel a unique experience. In particular, I have tried a Barcelona Designs flag halyard chair replica and the truth is that although it is a replica, the feeling of comfort and privacy is perfect.

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