Richard Hutten: Interview with the Dutch Designer 2

Bronto Chair by Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten

Born in 1967 in zwollerkerspel, the netherlands.
studied at the academy of industrial design eindhoven, graduating in 1991. that same year he started his own design studio in rotterdam. hutten is an exponent of ‘droog design’, in which he has been involved since it’s inception in 1993. In 1994 he gained international attention with his artistic pieces ‘the cross’ and ‘s(h)it on it’. richard hutten is the creator of many children-friendly products as the ‘bronto’ chair, the ‘elephant hassocks’ and the ‘dumbo’ cup. His ‘no sign of design’ and ‘table upon table’ concept designs have been exhibited worldwide.

Via richard hutten. interview with the dutch designer

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