Lonk Chair by Gerard de Hoop

That’s how I like it: A chair designer e-mailing me details and high resolution photo’s of his newest design!

Dutch designer Gerard de Hoop of Dutch Design partnership Huting & De Hoop, who I featured in A Stick Stool, Wrap Chair, Poster Chair or Grafitti Chair? earlier, sent me details about his new Lonk Chair.


I have a new product that I would like you to review.
I designed a chair, named LONK, it is made out of foam with a rockface coating.

Manufacturer: FEEK

Since 2003 Feek has been a pioneer and manufacturer of coated foam applications.
The Original Feek coated foam is known as “Rock Face” and makes use of the latest developments in the field of coating and 3D foam and surface techniques. Rock Face is a range of polyurethane-based lacquer systems, which can be used in a flexible, functional and futuristic manner. Our coated foam has been extensively tested for wear and fire safety”.

Design: Gerard de Hoop

Best regards,

Thanks, Gerard. I will check it out next week in London 🙂

Feek is based in Antwerp, Belgium

2 thoughts on “Lonk Chair by Gerard de Hoop”

  1. Lonk appears to be a very similar shape to the original stick chair with a more practical coating application. very striking and dramatic chair that I can imagine sitting outdoors like a landscape sculpture / feature when not being utilised. The more I think about it, the more I like it!

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