Cowboy Junkie: Saddle Stool

Via Cool Hunter: Cowboy Junkie: Saddle Stool

Feel like saddling up? Brazilian furniture designer Fernando Akasaka just dropped word about his new Cowboy Junkie concept stool, an unusual merging of two seating options. Anyone sitting on the stool will inevitably feel like they’ve just rode in by horse and are saddling up right up next to the kitchen bar. It’s great for a thirst-quenching drink before riding off into the sunset, or more likely the next room — if only it had wheels!

Inspired by the band, The Cowboy Junkies, the stool features a signature F. Akasaka jumping saddle designed in soft leather imported from France and comes in black, brown, hazelnut and oak bark. It’s bouncy, made to withstand any horsey shenanigans that riders put it through and the saddle can be removed to give the stool stand a rest for the night. The stirrups and base are made of stainless steel

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