Perished Collection Bench – Studio Job – Moss


Perished Collection Bench by Studio Job celebrates “perished” species with hand crafted furniture in Massacar Ebony wood with laser-cut Bird’s Eye Maple inlays.

Perished was conceived as a suite of furniture, including a table, traditional bench, screen, and pedestal, realized in precious hardened tropical woods, decorated with inlays depicting animal skeletons laser-cut and assembled by expert craftsmen.

Each piece of furniture in the Perished collection is signed with the Studio Job logo and produced in a limited edition of 6 pieces.

For more information on the Perished Collection, contact Moss Los Angeles

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  1. i ve been checking the website and there are some beatiful pieces here. a lot of great ideias and designers still i think there’s a recent brand that should be refered here. i m talking about Munna, a portuguse brand, so you should check teir website –

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