Serenissima – Acerbis Design

Serenissima – Acerbis Design

Serenissima is designed by Lella and Maximo Vignelli.

In 1870, Benvenuto Acerbis started in Albino, at the entrance of Val Seriana. He produced mainly hard wood furnishings. Their formal shapes looked like the barocchetto piemontese and the sober Lombard style. From the very beginning, Acerbis emphasizes the relation between technical innovation and respect for the natural materials, which will always be the basis of experiences of the firm.

The arrival of the second generation introduces some important changes. Starting new collaborations with different architects, Marino Acerbis begins a typological re-invention of the cabinet furniture, and adds to the traditional cupboard a more modern interpretation. At the same time Marino introduces the use of paints and synthetic polishing, especially the red enameling, which breaks the monopoly of oak and wax varnish.

Lodovico Acerbis is the current owner. The third generation. The firm operates both in Italy, which represents the main market with the 30% of turnover, and in the rest of the world, thanks to a network of a selected retailers. With the arrival of Lodovico’s son Enrico, who takes care of the marketing and works along with his father for the product strategies, and of his brother and architect Marco, which collaborates for the design of the new models, the firm enters in its fourth generation well ready to face the present-days challenges

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