Moving chair and table by Ezri Tarazi

Moving chair and table by Ezri Tarazi

‘the ‘moving’ installation is composed of a sofa, an armchair, a footstool, a table, a mirror, a bookcase, a bed,
a small cupboard and a lamp. the shapes and the materials (plywood and solid pine) of the crates that housed
each of the pieces of furniture complemented each other. when placed side-by-side or joined together,
the containers appeared to be only standard wooden packing cases. the real purpose of the containers can only
be known when they are opened and the contents exposed. two of the containers form the bases of the sofa,
the armchair, and the bed. the rest become bookshelves, the cupboard, and the lighting fixture.
the inside of one case is an upholstered two-seater couch; the other side becomes the armchair.’

Via Design Boom

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