Stool 108 by Mats Hage Eikemo

Stool – “108” by Mats Hage Eikemo

I am studying a masters degree in Civil Engineering in Industriell Design at the Institute for Product Design at NTNU (the Norwegian Technology and Science University) in Trondheim, Norway.
In this set I will present my work and assignments I’ve had.

5 thoughts on “Stool 108 by Mats Hage Eikemo”

  1. Hei Mats. Det var ein kjempeflott krakk du har laga, eg e heilt imponert! Galstilig, eg fallt totalt for Stool “108”! Det fine treverket og formen!

  2. What an interesting looking stool. It looks like it lacks strength at first glance but I’m pretty sure it can hold its sitter because of its feet’s steady design.

  3. For our English language readers I’ll give the English translations (with help of Google Translate) of Mats’ fans:


    Hi Mats. It was an awesome stool you have made, I am completely impressed! Galstilig, I fällt total of stool “108”! Wood and the fine form!


    Congratulations! Taburetten has ended up on the same page as Le Corbusier’s famous sofa group. Hooray!

  4. Excellent design. Simple but powerful structure with a delicate look. Natural connections and shapes to support the use of the stool are harmonic and it seems to be a robust construction. Can I buy one?

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