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  1. Veuve Clicquot Loveseat – Karim Rashid
    I’m putting up for sale the famous chair of the renowned Karim Rashid Loveseat and I’m offering the unique opportunity to buy or broker the sale, on commission above the market value.
    It is an extremely rare piece, it was produced in Milan, a limited series of 120 Loveseat only, and there are three in South America (only in Brazil), and each chair has nameplate, which appears along with the signature of Karim Rashid the serial number, that this chair is 061. It measures 2 meters long, 1.22 tall and 85 inches wide.
    This piece was exhibited at the Instituto Tomie Othake, the Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, in the House Color in several years and states of Brazil, (including the Studio Karim Rashid won the prize for best space in the Casa Cor 2011 in Sao Paulo and this seat in the House was the highlight color Florianopolis among several other places and was featured in the magazine Caras on Line 17 April 2008 and its launch in Brazil, was interviewed by Karim Amaury Jr., Otavio Mesquita, Pascowith Joyce and Gloria Kalil, these last, their admirers and the chair was featured in several magazines.
    Karim Rashid is considered the most creative and innovative designer Philippe Starck with world and has over 200 pieces on permanent display in the world’s most famous museums, especially the MoMA in New York and San Francisco and has had several pieces auctioned in the prestigious Homes Sothebys Auction and Cristhies.
    Just a search on Google and Youtube, with the words Veuve Clicquot loveseat and karim rashid, to confirm his reputation and status of the object of desire around the globe. It is worth visiting http://www.karimrashid.com
    I would like to help me evaluate the Loveseat, because the values ​​that have already got friends in Europe with parts already sold vary from 24 to 38 thousand U.S. dollars, with the latter figure for auction in Spain in 2009, which is the last sale I had the news, not forgetting that it is a rare piece and there is another sale on the planet for 3 years and is regarded worldwide object of desire.
    She was placed for sale at its launch in 2007 for $ 10,000 and the 120 seats were sold in a few days, leaving many people wanting to buy them, which helped boost the reputation of an object of desire.
    It is a piece that can also be used abroad, such as gardens and pools and sold both for individuals and for Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, Nightclubs and any other activity related to luxury and attending high-level people, who would use it as an object only decoration on the environment because of its size and beauty is enough to enrich the environment and can be used as propaganda of the highest level, with international reach, through articles, events, reports and other conditions linked to it and thanks to the power of Internet dissemination is unlimited.
    Besides being a great investment because values ​​year after year.
    I knew that they were sold for 14 Loveseat Sheiks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because of religion and prohibit alcoholic beverages, ice bucket replaced by a globe with colored lighting, which I thought was an excellent idea, even a chair in the bedroom of twin daughters a Sheik, a real luxury, incidentally, was the way it was being used, with a globe model of the Smart & Green Ball, with 160 000 colors and wireless, is simply wonderful, see the website http://www.smartandgreen.eu
    I also learned the three chairs that are decorating one of the highest luxury condominium in Miami and were painted in the colors of the flag, red, blue and white, which is an interesting idea that we can use to paint the chair to match the decor, it would be wonderful painted in white, gray, black, red or drawings of the most varied, the imagination is the limit.

    With the certainty of making a single proposal that will bring great and extraordinary monetary gain and will link his name with that of Karim Rashid, I will be waiting for your contact. Dr. Julio Cesar

    1. Wow, Dr Cesar!
      That is a comment almost worthy a whole blog post. As it is out policy to protect commenters from spammers I’ve deleted your e-mail and telephone number. Those who have interest can comment here and I will pass it on to you.

  2. Hi,

    I am in the UK and also have one of these loveseats that I would be interested in selling at the right price. It has been painted a slightly lighter pink and would need some refurbishment. I personally would look to change the colour completely to suit my decor, making it a unique piece of art.

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