Museum Collections: (University of Dundee)

Designer: Michael Thonet
c. 1870
Description: Rocking chair with a dark wooden frame, and cane seat and back.
History: This is a replica of the 1870 design. The rocking chair was relatively unheard of in Europe until Thonet designed this piece.

Museum Collections: (University of Dundee)

6 thoughts on “Museum Collections: (University of Dundee)”

  1. My wife just bought one of these…I was furious because they have been reproduced so badly and so often. Still, it is branded Thonet on the back and it was made in Poland so maybe she did well. If nothing else it is a very exact replica comparing it to the photograph here. Let’s hope the grandbaby enjoys it when he or she finally gets here.

  2. I also have a Thonet rocker exactly like this that has Thonet on the back. My husband worked in a furniture store in 1972 & purchased it for me. Could you please let me know the value of it?

  3. I have just received one of these rockers It looks just like the one pictured. Could you give me a value on it
    Thanks Norma

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