windsor chairs : Love seat and specials1

I enjoy making all kinds of special designs. For instance each year I make something eye catching as an exhibition piece. Here is a selection of recent examples. If you have seen a really wild chair that you like, I would be very interested in giving you a quotation to make one. I am happy to make copies of old chairs (not other workers’ current production please!) or to work from photographs, patterns or even book illustrations.
A love Seat.

I’ve seen various examples of Love seats, and always thought they were missing just a little something in the bit in the middle. These chairs are individual but inseparable, arms and legs entwined. The seats are crotch pattern Sycamore, and intriguingly interlocked. All other components are Oak. This kind of Seat will grace any library or gallery.

Normally available to special order only. This one now sold. About £1300, but subject to individual quotation.

windsor chairs : Love seat and specials1

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