Poul Volther Chair via DesignAddict Radar


Impressive chair by Poul M. Volther for Gemla Sweden 1957

P R I C E: 1250 EUR

D E S C R I P T I O N: Beautiful and rare Scandinavian design classic by Poul M. Volther (who also designed the famous Corona chair)

This chair is in an amazing original vintage condition, Cushion have the original orange upholstry

Black laqcuered wood and marked with Gemla Sweden label

Via DesignAddict Radar

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It was founded in 1998 by Patrick and Alix Everaert, an artist. Patrick has exhibited throughout Europe in private galleries as well as in public institutions. His artistic work has been illustrated and commented on numerous publications. You can see his work at: Patrick Everaert. Alix Everaert worked for 13 years in an internationally-renowned primitive art gallery in Brussels.

Patrick and Alix have always been lovers of design and they benefit from an international reputation as collectors and experts in design of the 60’s and 70’s. But their interest in design covers the whole history of the 20th century. They have assembled an important private collection of design in Europe (P&A Collection, 1500 pieces).

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