Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong

Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong 2

Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong 1

Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong 3

Grid Chair by Korean designer Jaebeom Jeong
Via Elit Alice: Grid Chair | Elit Alice who found it at Yanko Design

2 thoughts on “Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong”

  1. This chair is one of my favorites! I haven’t seen anything like it before, and if I could, I would have one for myself. I really appreciate the creativity and the depth of the design – I could look for hours and still wouldn’t get everything there is to get out of this chair! And yes, chairgirl, when I saw this chair I was immediately reminded of the Eiffel Tower… 🙂

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