The History of the Boca Sofa

Bocca Sofa by Salvador Dali

If you are interested in some historical facts of the Boca Sofa, I suggest you read this article on the Splendia luxury hotel blog….
Update January 2023:
Well the blog disappeared. It seems that a couple of young architects of Studio 65, among them Franco Audrito, were asked to dream up the interior of a super fitness center in Milan and eventually thought of Dali’s painting of Mae West in which there was a sofa formed of two lips. They called the sofa Marilyn, because that was the name of one of the owners of the Gym. The sofa served a central attention piece in the fitness center, but also became an instant hit as a sofa as well. Gufram made the original and underway it changed name to Bocca. Gufram still produces it.

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